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Link: Coffee review/tips

Link from slashfood.com

"...I got a bunch of coffee tips directly from a coffee professional. Erica is passionate about coffee and knows her stuff. She is a fan of the French Press and recommends using two tablespoons of beans, ground fairly coarsely for every six to eight ounces of water. For the 32 ounce press she was using during the demonstration, she used ten tablespoons of beans. It seems like a lot to me, but she said that by using more beans you avoid over extracting the beans, which is what can make coffee bitter. If using that amount of beans makes coffee that's a little too strong for you, try adding a little hot water into your cup. Never add more hot water into the press, as that will lead to that dreaded over extraction and no one wants that.

She also reminded me of something that I had once known and then forgot, which was that you never want to pour rapidly boiling water over your beans. Always let the kettle sit for 20-30 seconds before introducing the water to the grounds. When filling up a French Press, fill it halfway and then wait, letting the grounds bloom a little before finishing the pour. When all the water is in, give it three minutes to steep before plunging. Use steady, even pressure when plunging so that you trap all the grounds. Follow those instructions and you'll have a great cup of coffee every time (although you might go broke using 10 table spoons of beans for every pot)."

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Welcome to coffee porn ladies and germs!

Currently I haven't bothered to create any rules, but I'll make them up as we go along like any good dictator :)

I suspect anyone joining will have the wit to realize that this is a group for those who have a genuine appreciation for really good coffee. Posts about 7-11 brew will be deleted with extreme prejudice and the OP mocked mercilessly by all and sundry.

What's appropriate? Discussions about your latest ZOMG coffee. Tips and tricks on preparing coffee well. Posts inviting people out to worship the bean. Where to find a good cuppa.
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